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Just Another Day

A native Nova Scotian, Dan McKinnon has produced an album the likes of which you don't hear that much any more. With the concentration on alt-folk, alt-country, contemporary this and nouveau that, it's refreshing to hear an old-fashioned traditional singer-songwriter.

In the most positive of ways, Dan McKinnon's songs and style are reminiscent of Stan Rogers's work. And that is a good thing. Paul Mills's traditional acoustic production style (he was Stan's producer) adds to that observation and greatly to the success of the songs, showcasing Dan's strong, enthusiastic voice.

Just Another Day is a pleasure to listen to. It harks back to the fundamental core of that definition of "folk music" we are all so eager to debate. A very solid and enjoyable piece of work.
- Les Siemieniuk Penguin Eggs, Summer Edition 2008.

01.  Just Another Day
02.  The Captain and the Queen

03.  My Old Walking Shoes

04.  Mystery of Oak Island

05.  The Man of Her Dreams

06.  When the Under-Run is Done
07.  Sailmaker
08.  Before the Day is Done
09.  Change for the Better

10.  Remember Me
11.  Back to You
12.  Nova Scotia For Sale/Sold
13.  This House

14.  Simple Things


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Fields of Dreams and Glory

I consider it high praise when I say that this CD could pass for folk music, in the sense that the songs are burnished to that patina with intimacy and universality. This CD should be in everyone's library. - Rich Warren, Sing Out! Spring 2006.

01.  Wandering Days
02.  Aesop's Fables
03.  Kith & Kin
04.  This Side of the Sod
05.  Every Man's Heart
06.  Angeline
07.  The Lovers of Our Time
08.  Many Miles to Go
09.  Rose of Allendale
10.  The Road Less Travelled
11.  The Ballad of the Simple Sailor
12.  The Same Pillow
13.  Border River
14.  Fields of Dreams and Glory



Minstrel in the Rain

Dan McKinnon's latest album is a fine showcase of his rich voice and careful renderings of traditional songs and new compositions. "Jessie Munroe," arranged by McKinnon, is from the Helen Creighton collection of Nova Scotian folk music, as are most of the traditional songs on the album. Besides the singer's beautiful, clear baritone voice, the melody is well served by McKinnon's sensitive guitar playing….
- Dan Gilman, Sing Out! Autumn 2003.

01.  Minstrel in the Rain
02.  Jessie Munroe
03.  Seasons
04.  So Long Ago
05.  Picture's Tomb
06.  My Old Walking Shoes
07.  Back to You
08.  The River
09.  Angel's Delight
10.  William Glenn
11.  What's the Fighting For


Songs From the Hearth

McKinnon's smooth baritone voice seems simply built for the ballads he sings, and the emotion he brings to each piece sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Ear-pleasing melodies are common to all of his work, and the lyrics to his original songs are thought-provoking and from the heart. If it's a fireside session you're looking for, Dan McKinnon is your man.
- Cheryl Turner Rambles Magazine

01.  From the Hearth/ Change for the Better
02.  Farewell My Lassie-o
03.  This House
04.  Queen Upon the Water
05.  Pirates of Penzance/Three Fishers
06.  Nova Scotia for Sale/Sold
07.  Canadee-i-o
08.  Sea of Change
09.  When the Under-Run is Done
10.  Simple Things
11.  From the Hearth (instrumental/reprise)


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Chasing Sunsets

McKinnon's guitar style is wonderful, and quite expressive, as is his voice. The arrangements and tunes to all of the songs blend well, and provide the perfect setting to McKinnon's powerful lyrics. - Cheryl Turner Rambles Magazine

01.  Sailmaker
02.  Woman with Stars in Her Eyes

03.  Mother Sea
04.  Mystery of Oak Island

05.  Land of My Heart

06.  Last Man to Fall
07.  Nellie J. Banks
08.  Lakes of Bras d'Or
09.  Light of the Watchman

10.  Tonight


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Between Wind & Water

McKinnon's singing and songwriting styles demand comparison to the late, great Stan Rogers -- if McKinnon isn't a Rogers fan, I'll be very surprised. And, while he's no replacement for Stan, he's a fair enough successor -- he's surely on the right path. The stories on Between Wind & Water certainly help keep a culture alive in our hearts. – Tom Knapp, Rambles: 14 July 2001

01.  Between Wind & Water
02.  Mother Sea
03.  Before the Day is Done (Sailor's Lament)
04.  Sailmaker
05.  Captain and the Queen
06.  Wind in Your Soul
07.  Remember Me
08.  Shifting Sands
09.  Many Miles to Go
10.  No Tomorrow
11.  Grand Old Lady
12.  Farewell to Nova Scotia